SEO JIN Precision Ind. Co. was found in 2001 based on a belief that “a small fitting is the building block of the world.”
Since establishment, the company has been producing core parts for leading industries in the country including construction equipment, electrical and electronic devices, and aircrafts.

With the pioneering, creative, and innovative spirit, we will constantly challenge ourselves and make an effort to advance and further develop the technology to provide our products to all industries.

Chinese philosopher Confucius once said in The Analects that he was inspired to learn at the age of 15. To follow in the footsteps of the wise from 2,500 years ago in 2016, SEO JIN Precision Ind. Co. aims to become a global company on its 15th anniversary year.
All the employees of SEO JIN Precision Ind. Co. will set our minds on advancing the technology and producing differentiated products, as creative entrepreneurs, to lay the cornerstone of becoming a globally renowned company.

Management philosophies

Honesty and optimism Honesty
Confidence without fear Confidence
If you want to walk far,  walk together. If you want to
walk far,
walk together.